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Disclosure according to sec 25 Media Act / Information according to sec 5 E-Commerce Act

Media owner, publisher and producer:

Dr. Gerald Vasak Rechtsanwalt GmbH
VAT registration number: ATU55521803
Bar number: P130215

Dr. Christian Widl, Rechtsanwalt
VAT registration number: ATU14036504
Bar number: R125965

Mag. Michael Operschal Rechtsanwalt GmbH
VAT registration number: ATU64230013
Bar number: P131205

Dr. Arno Klecan Rechtsanwalt
VAT registration number: ATU10516002
Bar number: R122298

Association of independent attorneys
all: Tegetthoffstraße 7/4, 1010 Wien
Phone: +43 1 515 55 0

All partners are members of the Vienna Bar Association. Their activities are governed by the Austrian Bar Rules (see

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